01. 04. 2016

Maestro  Vaclav Zapadlik is a legend among all lovers of cars

"Life is full of jewels, but those that purrs also are the most beautiful."


Maestro Vaclav Zapadlik is a legend among all lovers of cars, their history, and undoubtedly the most important contemporary designer of vintage car paintings in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. Visit a solo exhibition entitled "Gasoline intoxication" presenting Vaclav Zapadlik´s works and his versality. The exhibition takes place in the Exhibition Hall Manes, Prague, and besides 90 reproductions of unique paitings the visitors will also see Maestro´s graphic designs of postage stamps and his car Walter Junior renovated with his own hands.

Exhibition Hall Mánes, Masarykovo nábřeží 250, Prague 1


Our new collection for 2017 brings two calendars of Vaclav Zapadlík´s paintings, in size 64x42 cm and 30x30 cm.