Calendars NOTIQUE, Josef Lada

Josef Lada 2024 Large Font Desk Calendar, 30 × 21…

In stock - 1062 pcs
Czech calendar, which is easy to read from a distance, complemented by traditional and…
8 €
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Josef Lada – Říkadla 2024 Wall Calendar, 30 × 34…

Not in stock
Traditional nursery rhymes for children and their parents in a wall calendar, with…
9,60 €
Price inc. VAT

Josef Lada 2024 Desk Calendar, 16.5 × 13 cm

Not in stock
Popular desk calendar with illustrations by Josef Lada.
4 €
Price inc. VAT

Josef Lada 2024 Wall Calendar, 12 × 48 cm

Not in stock
Wide-format calendar featuring fairytale illustrations by Josef Lada.
7,20 €
Price inc. VAT

Josef Lada 2024 Desk Calendar, 23.1 × 14.5 cm

Not in stock
Desk calendar with unique, idyllic rural illustrations by Josef Lada.
4,80 €
Price inc. VAT
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